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Here is my stuff and a short review. I will post a more detailed review shortly. Stay tuned

Sony A7 II
The A7r crashed, so I had to change it to A7 mk2. Its a great piece to use, small, light and has an huge dynamic range. Also nice to use for video

I use my Sony for; Landscape, nature, travel, long exposure and nightshooting

I use the Zeiss 24-70/4.0 lens wich is perfect for my style of photographing, An allround lense which also have an amazing cropfactor

Zeiss Batis 85mm/F 1.8
This piece is just realeased. It will be perfect for portraits, modelshooting and also weddings.

Its really sharp and fast and its not to heavy. 

I will put up some more reviews later on. But take a look in the gallery. My last pics are shot by this awesome lens

Zeiss Batis 25mm/F 2.0

This is our latest lens. Stay tuned for some updates and reviews

Sony HDR AZ amazing piece of actioncam. Small and waterproof and comes with a underwatershell. 

Makes it possible to make 4K video. You just buy a stick and pair your Iphone, coz it wont have a screen. Batterylifetime is not the best, but if you buy an extra battery you can have fun a hole day :)

ME Foto Tripod I got this tips from the dude This tripod is awesome. Its small, light and easy to carry, comes with a nice bag.